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Create a Special Issue. NOW!
The ‘special issue’ here is the integration of knowledge related to a sustainable theme. You may make things different in your issues concerning:
1)The content of your issue,it may be  problem-oriented , topic –concerned issue, personal achievement issue or city-introduced which includes articles from a broad field, such as  the relevant product recommendations, case studies, reviews, recommendations for action, policies, etc.. about the problem, the topic, the person or the city. 
2)The appearance of your issue, We provide four templates for you, you can be free to design the layout of the special arrangement. 
3)The teamwork of your issue, you are wormly welcomed to invite other people to be joint-editors working with you. 
Any questions please email to OURSUS@ourus.org.cn
You are constructing knowledge not only for yourself but further for the world!

The special issue is a tool to publicize collected information on popular science. Via the tool, you may share your idea or knowledge about some specific issues or an aspect of sustainability, thus make your own knowledge output on sustainability. You can make the special issue on your own or co-produce it with your friends. It can be used as your own tool for popular science and also as a teaching tool for teachers.

Following the steps listed below to make your special issue:

Firstly, planning a special issue (choose a subject that you’re interested in)

Secondly, adding details for the special issue (cover photo, name of the special issue and introduction words)

Thirdly, designing the special issue(submit articles and set up columns)

Fourthly, adding tags (add tags and cities in order to make people understand your special issue)

Fifthly, publishing your special issue

Please click the link for more detailed information about special issue making steps.


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