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Call City green-keepers
There are not so much ideal sustainable cities in the world yet. If there are, they are separated geographically and invisible. Here, we are trying to build up global sustainable cities network by express their progresses in ‘rainbow framework’ fields, dynamically but real happening from bottom-up way. Volunteers as city green keepers are welcomed to 'adopt' cities and keep their eyes on sustainable and livable features by collecting different articles attached to the adopted city. The volunteers from the same city are highly expected to build up a team to operate the city’s matters in sustainable development way, such as organizing activities, meetings, seminars,  communicating with people in different fields. If you want to be a city green-keeper, please post articles on your aim cities regularly, we will see you as ‘city contributor’ here.

There are two ways for you to make contributions for cities you love.

One is to publish articles about the city.When submitting the article, please mark related city so that all relevant articles about the city will be mutually connected.

The city page would offer your detailed updates about the city’s development on sustainability and its history.

(Article editing page)

(City article page displaying )

The other way to make a contribution to your favorite city is to make a special issue relevant to the city. We have set up a “city name card”. You are welcome to apply for making a custom-made city special issue. 

(Invitation of making city special issue)

(Samples of city special issue)

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