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Teams and Supports


This is a mass collaboration online. Teams are always expected, in terms of different countries, cities and special issues as you can see in the front of the ABOUT US. Some teams are visible and connected to the workforce, some not yet.

At least and not finally, we have an international workforce to react to IGU board, IGU committees, and related organizations, also to communicate different teams and to coordinate matters with the development of websites. If you are interested in our project, please go to the ‘Join Us’ and find the contact, we are waiting you there.


Special Committee of International Geographical Union: it is the initiator and organizer of OURSUS. It is responsible for selecting experts, giving process guidance,following up and supervising OURSUS websites construction and operation.Websites include English version, www.oursus.org and other multi-lingual versions. It also coordinates the work with the technical center, ReCIIS (The Research Center for Internet Information Services, Hunan University) and other operational groups. It advocates global geographers to actively participate in building these websites. For more details, please contact professor Ton Dietz at a.j.dietz@asc.leidenuniv.nl. (TonDietz, Program chairman and director of Africa Studies Center, LeidenUniversity)

The Geographical Society of China(GSC): they rendered us guidance and financial support in the process of developing the websites.

China Association for Science and Technology Department: their assistance and financial backing during the process of developing the websites is highly appreciable.

The Research Center for Internet Information Services, Hunan University (ReCIIS), Creative Environmental Communication Center Hunan: They are responsible for developing OURSUS, providing solutions about operation models and technical support to all the operational teams who are in charge of multi-lingual websites maintenance. They are also responsible for building Chinese and English websites and keeping them updated.

Geography and Sustainable Development Education Center of Beijing Normal University is responsible for popularizing the theories and practices of education on sustainable development.

Free Resource: Based on the experience of operating Chinese and English Websites(Each language version is an independent website) of OURSUS, we keep upgrading and optimizing OURSUS. We have summarized and made various software packages for free use. As long as you are recommended and guided by IGU Special  Committee, no matter where you are from and which language you speak, you may get free access to these software and take part in OURSUS global collaboration network.

About us

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Organizers: International Geographical Union,The Geographical Society of China,The Reseach Center for Internet Information Services (ReCIIS) of Hunan University.