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Financial Transparency

OURSUS is a non-profit project initiated and supported by IGU since 2012. In the first stage from 2012-2016, In order to develop a practical, bottom to up website which can involve geographers, educators, experts, green lovers and valuable users,   IGU-China has been supporting the basic fund such as space rent fee, technical development and key volunteers’ subsidies since then. Main resources and contributions are from free voluntary support such as action research, conference, meetings, international coordination, model design and development, and daily operation.

From August, 2016, after the 33rd IGU Congress, an international workforce was built up and some big plans were made.

For the sake of better and continuing development of its related Oursus websites, a rational business model and fees standards are necessary.

On the Oursus website there is space for cities to express the overview of their sustainability, for companies and agencies to publish advertisements online with sustainable ‘product or case’.

Complete financial transparency principle will be strictly adhered. Teams will be asked to publish financial annual reports and sponsor ships from the international year of 2016.

Looking for Sponsors

We are always looking for sponsors for supporting different city teams, country teams and the international team (responsible for coordination, technical problem-solving and development).

Free Resource

Based on the experience of operating Chinese and English Websites (Each language version is an independent website) of OURSUS, we keep upgrading and optimizing OURSUS. We have summarized and made various software packages for free use. As long as you are recommended and guided by IGU Special Committee, no matter where you are from and which language you speak, you may get free access to these software and take part in OURSUS global collaboration network.

Contact us for cooperation:


Website consultation:
WANG qi seven@oursus.org.cn

About us

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