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Please have a try and test on www.oursus.org, and recommend it to your colleagues, sustainable experts, teachers, and students, anyone who would be interested in OURSUS. It is a creative tool to be used to,

· share your thoughts and concerns about environment protection and sustainability.

· make a 'special issue' based on question oriented or issue concerned (can invite co-workers online), if you are a geographer teacher, textbook developer, or from related organizations, you also can combine this for your curriculum development, organize "special issues’ competition, which is very flexible and 3 dimensions(can link into video, photos, etc.)

· ask people to collect different articles into our rainbow framework to enrich sustainable knowledge, articles can be comments, reports, case, product’s introduction, action mobilization, news, etc.. As rewards, they can gradually build their own knowledge management system with different tags and when necessary the articles are easily to be organized into 'special issues' as well.

· ask environmental volunteers to 'adopt' cities to be developed and kept eyes on cities sustainable and livable progress.  

· accumulate your popularity on sustainable knowledge and reputation.

You also may

·authorize us to make popular science on behalf of you.

· provide project support(recommend organizers, email lists,etc. ) and opportunities for cooperation (conference, etc.).

· become a sponsor on the website.


No matter what ways you will be interested in, you are welcome to take the long trip with us. It’s a long journey, but we believe that every effort made by you will make the world move towards a more sustainable direction. 

Please feel free to tell us any questions or problems during using, let's work together for communication, education and creation of sustainability.

Please contact us via the following ways:


Chinese version http://www.oursus.org.cn/



Micro-blog@可持续城市网络 (means sustainable cities information network)

Cooperation coordinator:78486190@qq.com Dr. QIU Li


English version http://www.oursus.org/

Mailbox: OURSUS@oursus.org.cn

Cooperation coordinator:  a.j.dietz@asc.leidenuniv.nl Prof. Ton Dietz 

About us

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